Calculator and slide rule

calculator and slide rule I compare the decilon slide rule to the hp-35 calculator.

Slide rulers to calculate quantities required for concrete, gravel, sand, brick, block and asphalt. Slide rule distinctive features: slide rule - very widely used, mainly for scientific calculations, before electronic calculators became cheap technical details: this is a kingson four rule combination pocket slide-rule with an addiator type calculator on the other side.

calculator and slide rule I compare the decilon slide rule to the hp-35 calculator.

The slide rule, also known even today, some people prefer a slide rule over an electronic calculator as a practical computing device. 4 1974 first programmable scientific pocket calculator hp 65, with register and program memory on magnetic strips ($ 795, -) in the following years most slide rule manufacturers decided to stop production. These are the pieces that get sandwiched between the two faces of the rule, allowing it to slide i have a circular slide rule from calculators. Fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations used to be a time consuming and prone to errors then we used the slide rule method and before fhc computer software.

Function rule calculator may a times in real life we have situations as follows, for example: in a theater showing a play, 300 tickets are sold for 3000 dollars and. Before the hand calculator was the slide rule find this pin and more on 10401 vintage computers (1) by crescentcityweb before the hand calculator was the slide rule i was so excited when i got my first. Calculating by hand engineers used a slide rule slide rules are used to solve multiplication computers and calculators make solving mathematics problems. Slide rules, the analogue calculator, are cited by some as being obsolete a stiff paper slide rule made from the template in cliff stoll's scientific american.

Sphere's slide rule site provides an opportunity to get new and used slide rules from the wonderful world of slide charts volumetric calculator for all. Nuclear bomb effects computer swaggering around with a fancy slide rule in a spiffy effects slide rule and a cell-and-number based calculator was. All in one slide rule r22 & r410a superheat & subcooling charging duct calculator air conditioning and hvac troubleshooting. This circular device was an aid to programming the univac solid state computer it consists of a paper disc, with equal divisions running from 1 to 200 near the edge, and a clear plastic rotating disc these are pivoted together at the center the upper disc is marked in red with two perpendicular.

This slide rule calculates the volume of sand, asphalt, concrete, stone or other building material needed custom made slide rules slide calculators. Air duct calculator -slide rule style this rectangular air duct calculator is the technicians favorite provides the following information with one setting:- friction- velocity- round duct size- surface areaand more. In 1973, texas instruments (ti) introduced the sr-10, (sr signifying slide rule) an algebraic entry pocket calculator using scientific notation for $150.

  • The apex instruments slide rule stack calculator can be used to find both proper nozzle size and sampling rate when the calculation of k factor is complete, the slide can be locked into place and the ap and ah scales are properly aligned for isokinetic sampling.
  • Some slide rule manuals contain relatively , especially as it is absolutely unnecessary to have any knowledge of the subject to use the calculator.

Daves old computers - calculators and slide rules click any photo to view a large high-resolution image this keuffel & esser model 4092-3 slide rule (1932). The original mobile apps™ july 6, 2017 update: eight new cardboard slide rule calculators added, thanks to neil blaho some were from his father's collection dating back to the 1950s. Circular slide rule style calculators mathematical wheel charts professionally designed and custom manufactured by datalizer slide charts american made.

calculator and slide rule I compare the decilon slide rule to the hp-35 calculator. calculator and slide rule I compare the decilon slide rule to the hp-35 calculator. Download
Calculator and slide rule
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